1,2,3 Progressive warning level buttons
Manual Wail function
Radio Re-broadcast Capability
Integrated Microphone Control Head
Adjustable Public Address Volume
High Quality Contruction
Rubberised 'Soft-Touch' Handpiece
Swivel mounting cradle
Backlit, illuminated buttons
Easy to use, low-clutter button layout
'Hands-Free' control mode
6 channels of relay-switched lighting control with status LED
Rugged Extruded Amplifier Housing
Specially Designed Convective Cooling Fins
Protected against Under-Voltage, Over-Voltage, Reverse-Polarity, Supply Transients & Output Short-Circuits
Protected against Thermal Overload
Designed to drive one or two 11-ohm 100-Watt siren speakers
Up to 200W siren output power, or 400W with optional slave amplifier unit
Wide range of supported siren tones
SOFTSTART™ siren tones
Vehicle Horn interface (HRT)
Dedicated Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit otimises Public Address clarity